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Traditional or Extreme Sports Insurance?

Uncertain which product is best suited for you? We're here to answer that question!

Affinity Life offers term life insurance through two different types of products. Choosing the best product will depend on what type of outdoor activities you're involved in. Let's break down each product so you fully understand where you fit in!

Traditional Term Life Insurance

This type of insurance is most commonly found in the marketplace today and is offered by most life insurance companies in Canada. It involves a long questionnaire and sometimes a medical exam and blood profile (needles!). During the underwriting, the insurance company will want to know details for anything that arose during the application such as medical issues, financial, and lifestyle habits (such as outdoor sports). 

After the underwriting is complete, you will receive one of these decisions.

  1. Approved at standard rates (the original price quoted)
  2. Approved with a rating (An extra amount added to the original price)
  3. Denied

This type of life insurance is best for:

  • Healthy individuals
  • Outdoor enthusiasts that do NOT engage in extreme sports (i.e. hikers, scramblers, resort skiers, etc.)
  • Most of the general public

Extreme Sports Life Insurance

Extreme Sports insurance is another name for " Simplified Issue" insurance. Simplified issue products will have sets of questions that will "lump" you into different risk categories that the insurance companies have pre-determined. There are no medical exams or extra questionnaires with simplified issue products. The premiums for simplified issue life insurance will be higher than "traditional" insurance, however, depending on the activities you're engaged in it will be much cheaper than  rated traditional life insurance.
This type of insurance is best for:
  • Individuals with health conditions
  • Outdoor enthusiasts who ARE engaged in extreme sports (Ice climbing, rock climbing, backcountry skiing, etc.) 

Click here for a detailed summary of all extreme sports.

Extreme Sports Accident Insurance

Extreme Sports Accident Insurance is a product called Acci-7 which is offered through Industrial Alliance. This product has multiple different coverages with varying amounts of units you can mix and match to suit your needs. All of these coverages do NOT have extreme sports as an exclusion and will cover all your mountain sports.
This type of insurance is best for:
  • Outdoor enthusiasts who ARE engaged in extreme sports (Ice climbing, rock climbing, backcountry skiing, etc.) 

You can learn more here.

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